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Tips - Guide to work!

Commuting by bike - seven steps to get started

Cycling to work is one of the best ways to start the day. You get a fresh breath of air and some healthy exercise – not to mention that it is often a very economical alternative. But how to get started? There are a few things to consider – here are answers to seven frequently asked questions!

1. How far away from work can you commute with a bike?

The important thing is to ask yourself: what is reasonable for me? Don’t worry about what others are doing. If you live only a few miles from work, you may very well commute both ways. But if your commute will take you longer than 30 minutes, consider just going one way and hitch a ride with a co-worker the other way.

2. How often do you want to ride a bike to work?

It is easy to convince yourself that you are going to commute to and from work every day on your bike. But don’t push yourself too hard in the beginning! It may be better to start off by setting a goal to commute one or two times per week, and then add more commuting days as you get more experience.

3. Do I need a helmet when I commute by bike ?

Most cyclists will never “need” their helmets, in the same way as car drivers very rarely need the seat belt. But – in case of an accident, it is absolutely essential. It is an easy way to protect yourself, and if you’re worried about your appearance – consider yourself a trendsetter that inspires others!

4. What should I wear when biking?

You can wear pretty much anything that you feel comfortable in. There is no need for special clothing, except maybe for a rain jacket and a pair of waterproof trousers. Just in case. If you are commuting in low light, early morning, or late evening, consider something reflective to make it easier for others to see you. 

5. Where can I put my computer when I bike to work?

So, you need to bring stuff to work? A computer, a lunch box, your daily necessities? No problem! Either use a backpack or a pannier that is mounted on your bike. 

6. How can I bike with my kids?

It is a great option to bring your kids along for your commute and make a stop at the kindergarten, and there are several ways to make it possible. A child bike seat is mounted on your bike and makes it easy to get going fast. A bike trailer or a multisport trailer is a flexible way to bring your family!

7. What if there are no bike roads?

Sure, not all roads are made for cycling. But it may be possible to ride a bike a part of the way – to your nearest train station or a bus stop, where you can hop on public transport.

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