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Thule Test Center™

Quality you can rely on

If you visit Thule Test Center™, you might get the idea that we don't like our products. You'd see the look of satisfaction on the engineer who straps twice the recommended maximum weight onto a towbar-mounted bike carrier and pushes the button to simulate it going twice around the world. Or the cheerful smile of the technician who enjoys testing roof racks with extreme heat, cold, UV-radiation, damp and, just for good measure, some pretty nasty chemicals. Or the engineer who likes nothing better than loading a roof box fitted to a sled and then crashing it – that's over 100 crash tests in a year!

How hard do we test our products?

As part of our product testing, we also get our products used by the Thule Crew, elite sportsmen and women who are capable of testing them to the extreme in real life. Every single day.

But just how serious is our lab testing? We've put together a YouTube playlist of our most exhaustive tests – everything from extreme climate testing, relentlessly driving child carriers over rough terrain, to testing an overloaded bike carrier on a speed bump at 30 km/h.

Check out the playlist

Safety first

We do all this because we are focused on Thule's number one priority – your safety and the safety of people around you. A product's wear resistance and quality is also important but we take safety to another level with our exhaustive and demanding lab tests. So much so that we have developed Thule Test Program™, including over 25 "Thule standards" that far exceed the current ISO standard.

Extreme testing

At the Thule Test Center™, products go through extreme testing before they can bear the Thule logo. That means exposing them to desert heat and arctic cold, water resistance, drop tests and wind tunnels to tensile, shock and crash tests.

The world is our lab

Of course, we take our prototypes and test them in the real world, and try out the functions that will make your equipment safer, easier and more fun to use. When we are finally happy, we know you will be too.

We test our products to the limit and beyond so you don't even have to think about it. After all, you've got an active life to lead. And oh yes, that smile on the face of the engineer? It's pride.

Thule Testing

Just how far do we push our products? Take a tour around the Thule Test Center™ and discover the philosophy behind our Thule Test Program™.


Bike Carriers

When you bring along one or more of your beloved bikes, you want to trust your bike carrier completely. With the Thule Test Program™, you can.