Two mountain bikers with hydration packs ride down rocky mountains with the ocean in the background.

Hydration packs

Thule hydration packs are expertly designed for serious mountain bikers. Stay comfortable and hydrated while bringing all that you need for a day on the trail.


Thule Rail

hip pack 4L dark slate gray

€110.00 110 EUR
  • 1.5L reservoir and 4L cargo storage for 1-3 hour rides
  • Hose snaps in place automatically
  • Superior stability and breathable material

Thule Rail

hip pack 2L dark slate gray

€73.00 73 EUR
  • Perfect for 1-3 hour rides
  • Quick-access pockets
  • Superior stability and breathable material

Thule Rail

hip pack 0L dark slate gray

€55.00 55 EUR
  • For short rides
  • Quick-access pockets
  • Superior stability and breathable material

Thule Rail

backpack 18L dark slate gray

€250.00 250 EUR
  • E-bike battery storage
  • 2.5L reservoir
  • Back protector
A close-up of two men sipping water from the hose of their hydration backpacks.

Built to ride

Applying years of biking expertise, Thule introduces a variety of hydration packs to help you get the most out of any mountain bike ride. Whether just heading out for a couple hours or embarking on a full-day excursion, we have the right sized pack to keep you fueled and ready for whatever comes your way. Designed specifically to improve bike handling and reduce muscle strain, all packs are constructed with a low center of gravity and optimal weight distribution to keep you going on the trail.


Thule hydration packs give you:

  • Hands-free hydration system
  • Lightweight, comfortable design to maximize performance
  • Jersey-style pockets for quick access while on-the-go
  • Cargo space for clothing, tools and food
  • Secure loops for a tire pump and shock pump
An image of a man sipping water from the hose of one of the Thule hydration backpacks.

Keep your focus on the trail

The Thule ReTrakt hydration hose allows you to keep your hands safely on the bars, conserve energy and stay hydrated without slowing down. The unique magnetic design automatically returns between sips and stays in place until you need it. Each bag comes equipped with a HydraPak reservoir to ensure you stay fueled and maximize your performance. Just choose the liter size that fits your needs and hit the trail.

Two cyclists with hydration backpacks cycling next to a breathtaking mountainous archipelago.

Push yourself farther

Imagine having all you need right on your back without being weighed down. We’ve made this a reality. Designed with a low center of gravity, optimal weight distribution and lightweight, ventilated materials that have been tested in the lab as well as on the mountain, our hydration packs offer ultimate comfort on any terrain. Carry food, extra layers and tools with minimal bulk in the cargo compartment and easily access items from the jersey-style pockets without having to stop. So pack up and pedal as hard as you want. We’ve got your back.