Two adults and a child canoeing together along a river.

Canoe racks

A Thule canoe roof rack is great for safe, secure, and easy transport of your canoe. Let us recommend the ideal canoe rack for you and your car.


Thule Portage

canoe rack black

  • Easy loading
  • Protective padded base
  • Durable load straps
Please note that you need a roof rack in order to mount a canoe rack on your car.

Thule canoe racks

Enjoy the freedom of the open water

A Thule canoe roof rack is designed to let you spend more of your valuable time out on the water. Instead of a difficult-to-maneuver trailer, you can quickly and easily load your canoe onto your car and head off on your adventure.You can rest assured that your canoe will be safely and securely transported to the water’s edge. You’ll have it unloaded in a moment and be all set to get paddling!

  • Safe, secure transportation of your canoe
  • Suitable for most roof racks on the market
  • Easy to load and unload
Thule canoe rack on car

Designed, built, and tested for adventure

Our canoe roof racks for cars are expertly designed and built using resilient materials for a long and active life. What’s more, at the Thule Test Center™, we make sure of that. We put our products through the most extreme tests for safety, roadworthiness and overall toughness. So much so that we know they’ll more than match the pace of even the most extreme athletes.