Motorhome panels

Thule motorhome panels give you the ideal shelter and privacy under your awning. Combine with other panels or an awning tent for new possibilities.



Thule awning panels for motorhomes

Outdoor shelter

Thule panels let you create additional privacy as well as protection against the sun, wind or rain. With different panels available depending on the awning type, projection and mounting height, the wide range of front and side panels can be combined in many ways for optimal protection. The front panels can also be rolled up when they are not in use.

Thule awning panels for motorhomes

Easy-to-install and modular system

Installation is quick and easy. The front panels slide into the awning lead rail while the side panels slide into an aluminium rafter, which is included with the side panel and mounted between the awning’s cassette and lead rail. You can also easily combine with other Thule panels or even use a side panel to combine with an awning tent.