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Rooftop tents, van accessories and hiking backpacks


What is your dream camping trip? Whether it be relaxing in an RV by the sea, or sleeping amongst the trees in a rooftop tent – our van awnings, hiking backpacks and cargo carriers help make that dream a reality.

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An outdoor adventure means something different to everyone. Here are some of our suggestions!

Which hiking or backpacking pack to choose?

A guide to selecting a backpack that is the best fit for you and your adventures.

How do rooftop tents work? – a complete guide

Which rooftop tent is best for you? And how do you make sure it fits your car? We answer these questions and more!

How to plan an RV trip – A Checklist

Getting ready for a long vacation in your mobile home is made easy with our list of essentials!

Create your moments

See new places and set up your temporary home in a beautiful spot. Experience wilderness in comfort and fill your days with new experiences! We are here to help you get there. You, your family and your friends. For long camping vacations and quick getaways, in search for moments to remember.

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A comfortable fit is crucial for any hiking adventure.