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Thule Residence G3 awning tent VW T5/T6 black/gray/white
Thule Residence G3 awning tent VW T5/T6 black/gray/white
Thule Residence G3 awning tent VW T5/T6 black/gray/white
Two motorhomes parked in the countryside have a Thule Residence G3 rv awning tent.
A motorhome parked next to the water parked in the mountains with a Thule Residence G3 rv awning tent.
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Thule Residence G3

awning tent black/gray/white

Easy-to-mount awning tent to create a light, spacious outdoor living room.
Perfect roof sealing thanks to clamping profiles to mount the side panels and connect them with the awning fabric
High stability thanks to diagonal support between the mast profile and the clamping profile
Seal off the space between the vehicle wall and the side panel using an adjustable mast profile with double rubber flaps
Thule Residence G3 closed
Large windows let in light and create feeling of spaciousness
Thule Residence G3
Front panel has integrated doors on the left and right
Perfect air circulation when the tent is closed via aerations on both sides. Two side windows are also equipped with mosquito mesh
Thule Residence G3
Side and front panels can be rolled upwards for easy entrance
Thule Residence G3
Possibility to add accessories in the optional rail at the front panel of the tent
Both sides and front are made of high quality PVC fabric
Front and side panels need to be ordered separately
Windslip is included to seal off the bottom of your vehicle
Thule Residence G3
Special model available to fit the Thule Omnistor 5102 awning on a Volkswagen T5/T6


Vans Motorhomes Caravans Minivans

Awning fit

Thule Omnistor 5200 Thule Omnistor 8000 Thule Omnistor 4900 Thule Omnistor 5102 Thule Omnistor 9200 Thule Omnistor 6300 Thule Omnistor 6200 Thule Omnistor 5003 Thule Omnistor 5002 Thule Omnistor 5500 Thule Omnistor 6900 Thule Omnistor 6002

Min mounting height

2.15 m

Max mounting height

3.10 m



Set-up time



PVC fabric


27 - 35.5 kg


Optional accessory


Supplied as standard

Wheel cover

Optional accessory


Luxury bag

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Accessories for Thule Residence G3