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Thule View Blocker G2 Front front rain sun blocker 4.80m gray
A white van is parked in the grass with a Thule View Blocker Side awning side wall.
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Thule View Blocker G2 Front

front rain sun blocker 3.80m gray

Easy-to-use front panel which protects against rain and sun.
Thule View Blocker Front Studio
Fits all Thule Omnistor awnings
The fabric slides into the awning lead rail
RV panel Thule View Blocker G2
Length min: 2.40m - max: 4.80m


Motorhomes Caravans Vans Minivans

Awning fit

Thule Omnistor 5200 Thule Omnistor 8000 Thule Omnistor 4900 Thule Omnistor 5102 Thule Omnistor 6300 Thule Omnistor 9200 Thule Omnistor 1200 Thule Omnistor 6200 Thule Omnistor 6900 Thule Omnistor 6002 Thule Omnistor 5500 Thule Omnistor 5003 Thule Omnistor 5002 Thule 4200


Non-transparent PVC-fabric


3.8 m


1.40 m


3.4 kg

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How to install Thule Smart Panels

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