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How to pack for your family bike vacation

How to pack for your family bike vacation

You’ve done the research and found the perfect destination for your next family bike vacation. Now that you have the hard part out of the way, it’s time to line up your family’s gear and start packing!

It starts with the helmets, rain jackets, shoes, and then the next thing you know, you’ve packed way too many outfits and loads of stuff that your kids will never need. Let’s be honest, packing for a week away or just one night with your family often means the same number of bags. So, we’re here to help trim down your packing list and, more importantly, make a checklist that’s right for your family.

How to pack for your family bike vacation

Start with a duffel for essentials

A bike trip can go downhill fast – and not in a good way – by forgetting to pack helmets and riding gear. Stick to the basics and set aside one go-to duffel for all the gear you can’t live without. Then you can use other bags, like rolling suitcases or backpacks, for clothes, shoes, and activities for the kids. But you can’t have a great bike trip without the essentials, so find a spacious, durable duffel bag like the Thule Chasm to store all your must-have items.

How to pack for your family bike vacation

Your kids deserve the best ride

For the little ones, just coming along for the ride can be fun for them and you’ll be happy knowing they are safe, cozy, and not missing a moment while riding around in a new place. A multisport bike trailer like a Thule Chariot Cross is the perfect addition to any young family’s vacation with the bikes.

When you’re away with your family, making sure you can explore everything on your list means pedaling for plenty of miles. And a bike trailer is the best way to ensure you see all the sights with the kids on board and keep them happy and comfortable in their spacious cockpit with plenty of windows, pockets for the snacks, and a five-point harvest to keep them safe.

But best of all, when you finally reach a spot for lunch or decide to lock up the bikes and walk around, the Thule Chariot conveniently converts from a bike trailer to a stroller, and you can keep the family smiling as you never miss a beat.

How to pack for your family bike vacation

Packing up the cargo box

The car ride can be challenging enough; so why cram every single bag between the seats while your kids sit squeezed in the back questioning your packing skills? Adding a spacious cargo box onto the roof rack is the easiest way to make your ride there and back comfortable and hassle-free.

A range of sizes and models of cargo boxes are available to match your vehicle, your packing needs, and price range, so why not add a little more elbow room in your car and move the more oversized items up into an aerodynamic and stylish cargo box?

How to pack for your family bike vacation

Don’t forget the bikes!

The final step on the packing list is the most important and the one thing you really can’t do without on the trip. The bikes, of course! But before you just strap any bike rack to your trunk, read our guide “How to pick the right bike rack” to get more information.

From hitch mounted bike racks that swing out of the way for easy access to your trunk or easy to use platform racks that grab onto the wheels for simple loading and unloading, there is bound to be a perfect option for you and your family.

No matter how far away you plan to take that next bike vacation, making sure your bikes make it to and from your destination safely is the only way you can drive with confidence, knowing you and your family are on the perfect trip!

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