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Laptop, tablet and phone cases

Thule phone cases protect your smartphone so you can live life to the fullest. And, along with our fitted tablet and computer cases, they look good too!

Protect what’s important

Your smartphone, tablet or laptop isn’t just an expensive piece of equipment – nowadays it’s an extension of your life containing many of your best ideas and most special memories. So protecting it when you’re out and about has never been more important. Thule phone, tablet and laptop cases, sleeves and bumpers are expertly developed to take care of your precious electronics while giving you a stylish, great-looking design at the same time.

When buying a phone or laptop case from Thule you can expect:

  • Safe yet stylish protection
  • Security for your valuable equipment and its data
  • Hard or soft cases, sleeves and bumpers for a range of protection
  • Shock-absorbent and water-resistant options
Thule laptop, tablets, and phone cases

Protection and style that lasts

At Thule, we know a thing or two about protecting precious cargo – from snowboards and kayaks to kids in strollers and in bike seats. And we’ve put that knowledge into our designs for sleeves and cases to provide the highest protection possible. From experience, we also know the value of testing our products relentlessly. Because if they’re up to our extreme standards then you can be sure that they’ll cope with anything your active life can throw at them.