Thule awnings for caravans

Caravan awnings

Thule caravan awnings are designed to fit your caravan and your travels. Just choose where to mount, your cassette colour, fabric finish and features!


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Thule awnings for caravans

Ease of use

Choose a manual awning with a telescopic hand crank for easy opening and closing or a motorised awning that is effortless using a remote control or switch. Thanks to the Thule Quick Release system, the support legs can be released on demand to prevent them from falling during the set-up. All support legs are dropped vertically to reduce the risk of damaging your caravan. Easily adjust the legs to the right height with the user-friendly Thule Quick Lock system.

Thule awnings for caravans

Superior stability

Thule awnings are equipped with sturdy tension arms combined with an innovative roller tube support. This not only creates a perfectly tensioned awning fabric but also increases resistance to wind for safer usage. Depending on the awning type, lengths from 4.00m and more are supplied with an integrated tensioning system as standard or an extra tension rafter to keep the fabric even tighter. All our awnings are tested in various weather conditions for optimal stability.

Best choice

For years, Thule has been voted the best awning brand. In addition, caravan manufacturers have helped us develop and then approved our large range of installation brackets and adapters.