Child bike seats

Thule child bike seats are ideal for the daily commute or for family adventures. Safe, easy to use and comfortable whether the ride is short or long.

Matching your needs. And your style.


Choose a rear bike seat that mounts directly on the frame and carries a child of up to 22 kg.


These child bike seats are mounted on the rear bike rack, carrying a child of up to 22 kg. The rack must be rated to support a weight of at least 25 kg.


Mounted on the frame just behind the handlebars, these front-mounted child bike seats are suitable for a child up to 15 kg.

Get your child on board

A Thule rear child bike seat or a Thule front-mounted baby bike seat is a great choice for letting your child see the world from your bike. The smart, intuitive design – with features like quick and secure mounting and dismounting – will give you and your precious passenger a safe, easy, and enjoyable ride. Over several years too as you can adjust the foot straps and foot rests as your child grows.


With a Thule child bike seat you get:

  • A seat that meets stringent international child safety standards
  • Childproof safety buckle on the padded harness 
  • Innovative, award-winning design

From 9 months to 6 years old*

Although you should always consult a paediatrician for children under 1 year old, the Thule rear child bike seat is designed and tested for kids 9 months to 6 years old, up to 22 kg. These rear bike seats also have a built-in reflector and safety light attachment point for added visibility. The front bike seat for children 9 months to 3 years old and up to 15 kg gives your child an equally safe and comfortable ride but on top of the handlebars to share the view with you.
*Consult a paediatrician for children under 1 year old.

Designed for the most precious cargo of all

At the Thule Test Centre, we test all our products for their safety in use. We take that to the extreme with our child bike seats to ensure they meet and even surpass the most stringent international safety standards such as the TÜV seal of approval. After all, you and your child should be free to relax and enjoy the wonders around you, comfortable in the knowledge that we have given you a bike seat that has been developed and tested with your child’s safety as the number one priority.