Ski and snowboard backpacks

Thule snowboard and ski backpacks sit tight on your back, keeping your gear close at hand and dry – whether you're riding the lift or pushing powder.

Choose your adventure

A snowboard or ski backpack from Thule means you can take on any ski adventure. With versatile carrying methods for your skis or snowboard as well as clever storage features for other gear, you have more freedom in where you go and what you take with you. Designed for easy access, you can also reach equipment quickly and easily on the move so you’ll never have to slow your pace – unless you really want to stop and take in the view.

Thule Upslope snowboard and ski backpacks give you:

  • Securely carries your skis, snowboard, and other gear
  • Clever features for quick access
  • Comfortable yet rugged and durable design
  • Clean, good-looking exterior with nothing to catch on ski-lifts or branches

Designed for performance

Thule ski and snowboard backpacks are built for strength and durability. Using a design and materials that have been tested to the limits in the lab, we even know our backpacks will cope with anything that real life has to offer – because we use them ourselves. And that’s why we also know the importance of secure and smart storage so you can really make the most of your day on the mountain.