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Thule multisport trailers

Bring your family everywhere

With our bike trailers for multiple activities you can bring your kids on every adventure, whether it’s biking, strolling, jogging or cross-country skiing.

Bike trailers

A Thule child bike trailer is perfect for active families. Find a bike trailer for kids that lets you go biking, strolling, jogging, cross-country skiing and more.

Multiple activities

A woman bikes with a blue Thule Chariot Cross bike trailer through the mountainous countryside

Thule Chariot Cross

For an active lifestyle

This bike trailer includes:
Standard package

  • Biking and premium strolling kit
  • Ventilation vents and light
  • Suspension
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Simple compact fold

Comfort package

  • Reclining seat
  • Adjustable suspension
  • Dedicated cargo space

Optional jogging and cross-country skiing kit converts the trailer into a jogging stroller/ski pulk

How old can my kids be in a bicycle trailer?

All our child bike trailers are made to be flexible and to allow for growing kids. If you want to start at an early age, use Thule Chariot Infant Sling for your baby's lateral support and maximum stability. This infant sling can be used at age 1-10 months. For kids 6-18 months old, Thule Baby Supporter adds padded sides and head support to ensure your baby sits comfortably upright. Always check with your pediatrician before riding with your baby in Thule bike trailers!

We have no set upper age limit, since kids grow and develop at different speeds. Our bike trailers are made to transport one or two kids up to a total weight of 22kg per kid.

How can I use my bike trailer for different activities?
Our bike trailers have several accessories that you can use to transform your trailer into a jogging or all-terrain stroller. And if you want to keep your child comfortable, try the Thule Footmuff or the Thule Chariot padding!
What are your thoughts on sustainability?
We make bike trailers with a superior quality that can be used for a long time, and we strive to create timeless modern designs, to encourage their use for many years to come. We continuously analyze materials used, production methods, usage and recycling potential to limit our products’ impact on the climate and environment during their lifecycle, without our needing to compromise on safety, quality, function or lifespan.
What accessories are compatible with my bike trailer?
All our child bike trailers come with a wide range of accessories that let you make the most of your time with your child. Explore our accessories and see which ones are compatible with your bike trailer on our bike trailer accessories page.
Do the kid’s bike trailers have ventilation? What about sun protection?
Yes, all our trailers for kids have ventilation with fabric that provides UV protection (UPF 50+).
A woman stands beside her toddlers who sits smiling inside a Thule Courier bike trailer.

Bring your kids

Ever since we made our first bike trailer 25 years ago, we’ve believed that sharing an active lifestyle with your kids should be fun, easy, and hassle-free. Now we’re taking our successful carriers to the next level, making it even easier and more fun to be active outdoors and bring your kids along. Biking, strolling, running, or cross-country skiing – all it takes is a bike trailer.
Thule multisport trailers

Bike trailers for active families

Thule bike trailers for multiple activities are designed and developed with a focus on safety, comfort, and innovation. Check out Thule Chariot Cross for an active lifestyle, Thule Chariot Sport for athletes and their kids, and Thule Chariot Lite for everyday activities!

A Thule bike trailer for commuting makes your everyday life better in so many ways. Thule Courier is a versatile bike trailer for active family life that can be converted into a cargo trailer and even a dog trailer. Thule Chariot Cab is robust and roomy trailer for daily commutes, and Thule Coaster is a great, basic, value for money bike trailer.

Thule multisport trailers

What do you want to do today?

With a bike trailer from Thule, the choice is yours. Take your child or children on everyday commutes or on a long, afternoon’s voyage of discovery. Convert the trailer to a stroller around town, or head out for a jog in the great outdoors. You can even create a sled for when you want to ski cross-country. Whatever activity you choose, your kids can be with you and share your passion. Safely and comfortably.

When you buy a multisport trailer from Thule, you get:
  • Versatility for many different activities and distances
  • Safe, secure, and comfortable ride for 1 or 2 children
  • From heavier-duty all-rounders to sporty models with extra comfort
  • Smart features and storage options
Thule Test Center

Safety first. And last.

All our bike trailers are designed and built for performance on the road and in rough terrain. Your child will always enjoy stability and comfort with a suspension that smoothens the ride. And you can rest assured that every Thule bicycle trailer satisfies the most stringent child and road safety standards with features such as a 5-point safety harness ensuring your child is sitting securely. So you’re both free to enjoy life in the fresh air.
Thule multisport trailers

Bike trailers for babies and toddlers

With a Thule kids bike trailer, you can bring your toddler or baby everywhere you go. With additional accessories such as the Thule Infant Sling, you can turn your child bike trailer into a baby bike trailer, and start strolling with your infant from 1 to 10 months. For kids 6-18 months old, the Thule Baby Supporter ensures that they are able to sit comfortably with ample head support. Once you’re baby can sit upright on their own, they’re ready to join you on your bike trips.