A couple with a kayak walk towards a parked car by the water with a kayak on one of the Thule kayak racks.

Kayak racks

A Thule kayak roof rack carries your kayak securely – and it’s quick and easy to load and unload too! Let us help you find the ideal kayak roof rack.


Thule Hull-a-Port XTR

kayak rack j-style black

CHF 337,90 337.9 CHF
  • Carry up to 2 kayaks
  • Folds flat after use
  • Pre-assembled

Thule Hullavator Pro

kayak rack with lift assist aluminium

CHF 962,90 962.9 CHF
  • Easy one-person loading
  • Load at waist height
  • Maximum kayak protection
3-Thule Hullaport Aero WLOC

Thule Hull-a-Port Aero

kayak rack foldable j-style black

CHF 374,90 374.9 CHF
  • Protects the kayak
  • Easy to install
  • Anti-theft design
City Crash logo

Thule DockGlide

kayak rack horizontal black

CHF 267,90 267.9 CHF
  • Easy one-person loading
  • Fits all hull shapes
  • Protects the kayak hull
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Thule DockGrip

kayak rack horizontal black

CHF 235,90 235.9 CHF
  • Protects the kayak hull
  • Fits all hull shapes
  • For kayak or SUP

Thule Kayak Support

kayak rack vertical black

CHF 138,90 138.9 CHF
  • Folds flat after use
  • Sturdy and secure
  • Space-saving design
City Crash logo

Thule K-Guard

kayak rack horizontal black

CHF 342,90 342.9 CHF
  • Tiltable for easy loading
  • Easy to install
  • Fully lockable
Please note that you need a roof rack in order to mount a kayak rack on your car.

Next to a beach by a hill, a couple secure their kayak on a kayak roof rack on a car.

Spend more time out on the water

With a Thule kayak roof rack, you’re all set to get the most out of your passion. Instead of a cumbersome trailer, you get a kayak car rack that is easy to load and unload as well as ensuring safe and secure transportation of your kayak. You can even choose between horizontal and vertical carrying positions to save space and carry even more kayaks.

  • Safe, secure transportation of one or more kayaks
  • Smart, space-saving carrying options
  • Easy to load and unload
A picture of a kayak rack for car with a white background.

Loading and unloading – even on your own

Thule kayak roof racks give you a choice of smart loading/unloading features. The ultimate feature, lift-assist, allows you to load and unload a kayak by yourself with very little effort and without lifting your kayak onto the roof of your car. Giving you the freedom to head out for a paddle whenever you feel like it – and only on your terms.

Thule kayak racks and other products being tested at the Thule test center.

Push it to the limit. Day after day.

The Thule Test Center™ is where we make sure our kayak car racks are strong and durable enough to withstand everything the road and the elements have to offer. We’re not satisfied until they pass numerous crash tests, wear and tear simulations, not to mention extreme heat, cold, damp, sunlight and even harsh chemicals. That’s the only way we know that you’ll be satisfied and as safe as possible.