A woman stands under a van awning of a van parked next to a lake.

Van awnings

Thule van awnings are designed with you and your campervan in mind. Simply choose your ideal type, cassette colour, fabric finish and features!



Awning accessories

Thule awnings for vans

Wall-mounted awnings

Campervan awnings are most often installed on the vehicle wall. You can be sure to fit a Thule awning to your van, thanks to our large range of adapters developed together with, and approved by, van manufacturers.

awning for vans

Roof-mounted van awnings

Roof-mounted van awnings are a great choice if there is a lack of space or a width restriction – and it looks good too! Installed on top of your van, it comes with an adapter for specific models of the most popular vans.
Close-up of a campervan awning and how it opens.

Ease of use

Choose one of the manual van awnings with a telescopic hand crank for easy opening. Thanks to the Thule Quick Release system, the support legs can be released on demand to prevent them from falling during the set-up. All support legs are dropped vertically to reduce the risk of damaging your vehicle. Easily adjust the legs to the right height with the user-friendly Thule Quick Lock system.
Close-up of one of the Thule van awnings with a white background.

Superior stability

Thule awnings are equipped with sturdy tension arms combined with an innovative roller tube support. This not only creates a perfectly tensioned awning fabric but also increases resistance to wind for safer usage. Depending on the awning type, lengths from 4.00m and more are supplied with an integrated tensioning system as standard or an extra tension rafter to keep the fabric even tighter. All our van awnings are tested in various weather conditions for optimal stability.

Image of campervan awning that is closed in its case with a white background.

Attractive design

Thule awnings have a timeless design that perfectly matches your vehicle type. And depending on the awning you select, you have the choice of different cassette finishes: anodised, white, anthracite or cream.

Image of the tents that can be attached to Thule van awnings with a white background.

Wide range of accessories

To fit your lifestyle, add different accessories to your van awning to get more out of it. For example, the Thule panels are the perfect solution if you want to create privacy as well as protection from the sun, rain or wind. Or how about getting more outdoor living space by adding a Thule awning tent?

A van parked in the grass with its campervan awning fully extended.

Best choice

For years, Thule has been voted the best awning brand. In addition, van manufacturers have helped us develop and then approved our large range of installation brackets and adapters.

awning for vans

Superior materials

All Thule awnings are made of sturdy aluminium profiles that guarantee long-lasting safety and reliability. Our campervan awnings are also tested under the toughest conditions to ensure they surpass current standards.

awning for vans

High-quality, long-lasting fabrics

Depending on your awning type, you can choose different finishes for your awning fabric. Whatever finish you choose, the top-quality 5-layer PVC fabric is printed on both sides, and coated to keep the fabric colour fixed, watertight, washable and durable. You will also keep cool and safe as the coating even increases UV and heat resistance.