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Van ladders

Thule van ladders give you easy access to the roof of your van and its cargo. Choose a great-looking, fixed van ladder or a smart, moveable one.



Thule Van Ladder

van ladder 9 steps aluminium

$379.95 379.95 CAD
Estimated availability March 20, 2023

Close-up of a woman climbing one of the Thule van ladders to her surfboard.

Fixed or moveable and compact ladder

Choose a 4-step campervan ladder that fixes on the rear of your vehicle. Or how about a clever, moveable and flexible ladder that can be used with a magnetic fixation kit for extra stability? This compact, telescopic ladder can be extended to the height you need while safely supporting you and the load you’re carrying.

A close-up of one of the Thule van ladders folded with a white background.

Strength and durability

Whichever Thule van ladder you choose, you’ll be sure of an attractive, modern design that only uses high-quality materials. Our campervan ladders are made from lightweight anodised aluminium and come with rustproof fastening components to ensure a long lifetime of use.