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Roof bike rack

Thule ThruRide

Fork-mount bike rack designed to fit thru-axles without extra adapters.



  • Fits bikes with 12-20 mm thru-axles with no extra adapters
  • Fits 9 mm quick-release hubs with included non-locking adapter (lockable adapter sold separately)
  • Easy bike loading, thanks to the expanding clamp that accommodates the bike's thru-axle
  • Locks the bike to the bike rack and the bike rack to the roof racks with Thule One-Key lock cylinder (sold separately)

Technical specifications

Load capacity 15.9 kg
Dimensions 135 x 15 x 9 cm
Weight 2.8 kg
Fits round frame dimensions All
Thru-axle compatible
Carbon fork dropout compatible
Fits roof racks with 20x20 mm T-tracks
Fits roof racks with 24x30 mm T-tracks
Fits Thule WingBar Evo
Fits Thule WingBar
Fits Thule SquareBar
One Key System compatible
Model number 535
Spare parts



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Concerned about security


I just installed my ThruRide rack today, and it is the best carrier I have seen for fork mounting thru axle bikes, and I'm glad that there is a locking fork option for when you want to mount a road bike on this carrier. Having loved and used an Eschelon (discontinued) fork mount rack for years, I'm concerned about how the quality of the ThruRide affects the security of the rack. On the Eschelon, the mechanism that squeezes the fork is metal, and it covers the mounting screws so as long as the metal cover is closed, so the mount to the bike and the mount to the car are secure. With the ThruRide, these parts are plastic, and I am particularly concerned that the locking cam lever that mounts the rack to the car just locks into plastic, and it seems that it would be easy to break that with a pry bar. The lever that squeezes the thru axle is also plastic, but at least it locks into metal, so the locking cam lever seems to be the weakest link. I would like to see a better design with an all metal latch that covers the mounting screws and locks the thru axle and would also take only one, not two, lock cores.


Boulder, CO


Awesome product!!!


Awesome product!

Bike guy

BC, Canada


great rack. hard on the axles though


i use the product for both road and mountain bikes with QR and though axles, couple of things, the fact that the front end has either t-rail mounting and clamp-on options is great, but why not for the rear? clamp only seems like an oversite, especially when all you need is half of an Xadapt-1 kit. secondly. buying a $40 adapter for the ability to lock your QR to prevent theft is annoying, but there's no good way to cook that functionality into the rack by default, so it is what it is.. thirdly, would it be to much to ask to include axle sleeves of ANY material (even delrin) to accomodate for the missing hub? (would just need 3 sizes, 12x100 for road, 15x110 for boost forks and 15x100 for non boost forks) screwing the thru axle back into the fork sans wheel causes the fork to flex inwards which is probably not a great thing for the fork, having the thru axle tight is the only way to prevent the front end from having wiggle on the rack. but to tighten the axle all the way you have to go past flush on the threaded side (it's typically flush with a wheel in place). flexing the fork.. your only other option is to screw the axle back to where it WOULD be if the hub was in place, but then you end up with the front end of your bike rattling about on the rack, it also would prevent the clamp from clamping down directly on the metal of the axle. which would reduce the gouges that CAN happen if you tighten the adjuster down too much (which has already been discussed in previous reviews)


Las Vegas NV


Thule ThruRide

4.4 7