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Carry on and checked luggage, bags, and backpacks

Travel with the right products

Packing up for a short business trip or going for a vacation? We have the bags to ease your travels. Designed for the modern traveler, our carry on luggage and checked luggage, duffel bags, and backpacks let you enjoy the journey.

Business travel

When traveling for business, your gear should be dependable travel companions. Go for carry on luggage, checked luggage and laptop bags that are durable, stylish and versatile, that keep everything organized and protected and help you to a smooth journey from doorstep to destination.

Leisure travel

Bring all your gear for travels with friends and family, safely and easily. With a cargo carrier, you can bring it all – even a city stroller for smaller travel companions!

Adventure travel

Thule adventure travel products help you get off the beaten track in the great outdoors, and to find new paths in your own neighborhood. Go explore!

Remember the roof rack!

An important part, but easy to forget – roof racks. With Thule car roof racks you can make life a little easier and use several of our products on your car on your outdoor adventures.