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4 Ways to Make Bike Commuting Easier for You

4 Ways to Make Bike Commuting Easier for You

The office is 12 miles from your house, and you've had it with sitting in 45 minutes of traffic to get there. Downtown parking options are all overpriced, your gym membership has expired, and squeezing in some time on the saddle is rapidly diminishing with your busy schedule. The list of reasons to keep your car keys on the hook by the door and grab your bike to head into the city is straightforward, but what is bike commuting all about, and is it for you?

4 Ways to Make Bike Commuting Easier for You

Why is bike commuting good for you?

Bike commuting has so many benefits, from improved health to less impact on the environment, to spending more quality time with your kids; there are countless reasons why pedaling to your destination is better than hopping in your car, and we're here to help you make that switch!

1. Finding the right bike setup
Ditching the car, the traffic, the cost of gas, and making a dent in the environment are all obvious selling points when choosing to commute by bike. But the bike itself shouldn't be a reason to hold you back! Commuting to the office or to the park with the kids is comfortable on any rig. It's just about getting your bike dialed to bring you and your gear with you as well as handle all kinds of poor weather.

2. Bike commuting clothes are critical
Aside from fenders for the front and rear wheels, you just need to pack a solid set of waterproof outwear for yourself. Besides dialing in your bike and packing a jacket or some Gore-Tex pants, setting up your bike to carry your personal items is paramount in making the ride worth it. Because what is the point of commuting to work if you can't bring your laptop and other EDC must-haves?

3. Bike Panniers
A solid set of panniers goes a long way and finding a set that adapts to your bike and includes features like waterproof fabric, and reflective elements is crucial. Once your bike is dialed and setup for commuting, you’ll be ready to zip downtown easily and hassle-free, knowing your essential gear is safe and sound on board.

4. Taking your kids along for the ride
Making the switch to bike commuting rather than loading the kids up in the car is a big change but making the move to two wheels for daycare and school drop-offs is worth it in the end. You might be making the switch to make less of an impact on the environment versus taking your vehicle, but ultimately you just love to see your kids smiling ear to ear with the breeze in their face.

Picking a solution to haul your little copilots can be a bit tricky at first, but it comes down to their age and your local climate. Child bike seats are an excellent option for kids between 9 months* and 3 years old, and you have the choice of mounting the seats on the front or the rear of your bike with a frame or rack mount.

For locations that see their forecast turn sideways a little more often than you'd like, hooking up a multisport bike trailer for one or two kids is the ultimate in protection and versatility for your little ones. A Thule Chariot is a great way to haul your kids down to daycare, school, or just an afternoon at the playground.

Bike commuting is great for so many reasons. But at the end of the day, it all comes down to ditching the hassle of a car, and the rewarding treat of going on a brisk ride with your kids.

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