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Martin Söderström’s favorite place to ride

Professional Freeride mountain biker, Martin Söderström, shares with us his favorite place to go riding.

Martin Söderström does a bike trick in the air at a bike park with dirt jumps.

Järvsö, Sweden

I have to admit that I’m spoiled when it comes to biking adventures. I have been riding in almost every big bike park this world has to offer. Whistler, Queenstown, Chatel, Livigno, Leogang, Saalbach – you name it. But closest to my heart is my local bike park in Järvsö. It is a two-hour drive from my home in Falun and it is always well worth the trip!

This bike park doesn’t have the biggest jumps or the gnarliest descents, but the atmosphere and vibe are always on top. Even if I thrive from pushing my limits on two wheels, I must admit that it’s nice to not risk my life every time I go for a ride. It’s like my spa! I can ride very relaxed, gain confidence, and remind myself why I started to ride in the first place.

Martin Söderström wheels a Thule bike travel case while carrying a Thule duffel bag over his shoulder.
Martin Söderström does a bike trick in the air.
A close up image of Martin Söderström wearing a bike helmet.

How to have a great riding day

Järvsö has become the hub of Sweden’s gravity bike scene. It doesn’t matter when you go, it is always packed with fun people to ride with. After each run, it’s a brag-fest at the bottom. Someone says, “Did you see my drift?” or maybe “I went more sideways than forward on that run!”. It is not about who is fastest, it is all about having fun. Like every adventure, it is better when you share it with friends.

If I were to give a piece of advice, I would tell you to always bring a snack and something to drink on the ride. Backpacks today have come a long way, and you hardly feel them on your back. Recharging your body with liquid and snacks can give you that extra bit of energy and focus to keep you away from a stupid crash. That’s not the way you want to end a great day on the mountain!

Last but not least, it is always a good idea to bring your bike on a trip. There is no better way to experience the world than on two wheels!

Martin Söderström attaches a bike to a Thule bike rack on the back of a van.
"I’ve been riding in almost every big bike park this world has to offer"
Järvsö has 2,400 inhabitants
Second largest bike park in Sweden, with Sweden’s most environmentally friendly MTB trails
Järvsö i s 3 hours north of Stockholm by car
A close up image of Thule ambassador Martin Söderström

Martin Söderström
Freeride mountainbike rider, gravel bike rider, and lover of cross-country skiing
Focus on coaching the next generation of mountain bikers in Sweden and enjoy the simple pleasures in his new house

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