Product Recall

Thule Omnistor awning type TO 8000 or TO 9200 with integrated 220V Nice awning motor from the production period June 2016 to July 2019

The Thule Group constantly maintains strong quality controls in the development and production of its products to secure they always meet the highest standards of reliability and safety. Furthermore, we track any incoming complaints or claims on products not meeting the consumers’ expectations.

The latest findings from this permanent quality monitoring have now prompted us to launch a Voluntary Product Recall for all Thule Omnistor awnings type TO 8000 and TO 9200 equipped with a 220V tubular motor and produced in the period June 2016 to July 2019.

What is the problem?

The 220V Thule Omnistor Nice Erafit or Thule Omnistor Nice Eramat tubular awning motors from the production period June 2016 to July 2019, may have a defect in the connecting element between the awning tubular motor and the roller tube, which in rare cases could lead to the awning coming open unintentionally and uncontrollably.

What could this mean?

The awning could cause damage and injuries to persons or objects standing in its way. Furthermore, if the awning comes open during the vehicle's use it can cause a severe safety issue for consumers. If the awning becomes open due to this issue, it cannot be closed anymore, not even with the emergency hand crank.

How can you verify if your awning is affected by the voluntary product recall?

If you have a Thule Omnistor TO 8000 or TO 9200 awning with a tubular motor, the information on the production label in the awning allows you to determine whether your awning was produced during the period June 01, 2016 to July 31, 2019 (see images below), 1) indicating where you can find the manufacturing label and 2) where the production date is shown on that label, in this case bottom right of with the six digits meaning 30 = 30th, 01 = January and 19 = 2019, which means that this specific awning was manufactured on 30/01/2019).

The label can be found here:

Image of a barcode for Thule Omnistor 9200

You could also have an affected awning if your awning has been retrofitted with a tubular motor, or if the tubular motor has been replaced as part of a service intervention in the period June 01, 2016 to August 31, 2019. If necessary, please check your workshop invoices or contact your dealer or service partner.

If the tubular motor has been replaced before June 2016, or the production date of the awning is outside the affected period your awning is safe to use and you do not need to take any actions in relation to the awning or the motor.

All Thule Omnistor awnings with manual operation by hand crank and Thule Omnistor awnings with 12V motor drive are not affected.

What to do if my awning is affected?

All international customers (outside Europe)

If you are affected please enter on the registration form at the bottom of this page your complete data and the detailed information of your awning which you may find on the manufacturing label as well as your vehicle brand and chassis number (VIN), or you may also send us an email with all data at

We will send you a securisation kit which we recommend to install immediately in accordance with the instructions included, to secure your awning against any form of unintentional opening.

Contact now your dealer or service partner to book an appointment to carry out the recommended retrofit.

When the awning is secured, you can continue to use your vehicle, however the awning must remain closed and secured.

When will your awning be fixed?

A new connecting part for the motor, that will replace the defect one, has been produced and sent out to dealers. Your dealer or service partner in your region will be able retrofit the motor.

What action is carried out by the dealer on your Thule Omnistor awning?

Your dealer or service partner will remove the awning's tubular motor and replace the critical connecting part with an improved version that removes the potential issue. Of course, all necessary work will be carried out free of charge to you.

Do you have any further questions?

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to send us an email on

We regret that you will soon have to visit your dealer, however we do hope for your understanding of this action, taken in the interest of your safety.