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Thule Basin hard-shell rooftop tent black
Thule Basin hard-shell rooftop tent black
Thule Basin hard-shell rooftop tent black
Thule Basin hard-shell rooftop tent black
A man is climbing into a roof top tent mounted on a car in the mountains
Two cars with roof top tents mounted are driving on a mountain road
Two people are walking towards a car with a roof top tent
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Thule Basin

hard-shell rooftop tent black

The ultimate hybrid system that combines a rooftop tent and cargo carrier all in one. Thule Basin pops up in under a minute and the hard-shell exterior makes this rooftop tent suited for harsh weather conditions.

A rooftop tent that auto-deploys and doubles as a cargo carrier.

When closed, it not only doubles as a roof box, but also has a clean and sleek look. Easy-to-install mounting brackets let you lock the tent to your roof rack or platform for peace of mind. Thule Basin is compatible with all Thule Evo roof racks – make sure to check weight limitations for all feet and fit kits, as well as other roof racks.

Quick setup – from closed to ready for use in less than a minute
Thule Basin 901017
Pops straight up to provide a spacious living area
Thule Basin 901017
Versatile design converts rooftop tent for up to two people into a spacious cargo carrier
Patented canopy zipper system allows for easy conversion between a tent and a cargo carrier
Thule Basin 901017
Release both ends to open as a rooftop tent or, when converted to a cargo carrier, open one side to easily access gear
Easy to install mounting brackets securely lock the tent to your vehicle, feature a torque limiter to always ensure a safe install, and take half the time to install compared to traditional mounting systems
Thule Basin 901017
Insulated roof to help control the temperature inside the tent and reduce noise
Thule Basin 901017
Weather resistant, durable and breathable canopy for extra protection and comfort
Thule Basin 901017
Includes a telescoping ladder that attaches to either side for easy access
Includes a foam mattress with removable cover for added comfort

Sleeping capacity

2 person

Dimensions (Open)

214 x 140 x 109 cm

Dimensions (Closed)

214 x 140 x 33 cm

Dimensions (Cargo carrier)

260 x 133 x 26.4 cm

Sleeping footprint

206 x 129 cm

Peak internal height

91 cm


80 kg

Static weight capacity

300 kg

Minimum bar spread

81 cm

Base construction

Hardshell: 5mm ABS with both UV inhibitors and color fade inhibitors. Lower shell: Combines ABS, welded aluminum substructure with unique felt lined honeycomb polypropylene panels for reinforced support

Canopy fabric

260g cotton and polyester coated to a waterproof rating of 1500mm

Mosquito screens





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