A woman kneeling in the snow puts her boots into a ski backpack.

Snowboard and ski backpacks

Thule snowboard and ski backpacks sit tight on your back, keeping your gear close at hand and dry – whether you're riding the lift or pushing powder.


A close-up of someone putting their gear into the side pocket of one of the Thule ski and snowboard backpacks.

Choose your adventure

Thule’s snowboard and ski backpacks allow you to take on any snow-filled adventure and tackle the back country with confidence. Designed to give you complete freedom on the slopes, these ski backpacks allow you to easily access your gear while the pack stays on your back. Ease the upward journey by securely attaching your skis or snowboard directly onto the bag. Since you’ll never need to slow down, the only reason to stop will be to take in the view.

Thule Upslope snowboard and ski backpacks give you:

  • Securely attach skis or a snowboard of various lengths and widths
  • Versatile helmet carry options
  • Dedicated mountain tool storage plus quick access without removing the pack
  • Comfortable, rugged and durable design
  • Clean, good-looking exterior with nothing to catch on ski-lifts or branches
  • The 25L & 35L models are airbag-ready avalanche ski backpacks for added safety
One of the snowboard backpacks with a white background and an inflated airbag.

Ultimate safety and flexibility

Thule ski and snowboard backpacks are built for strength and durability, but are also anchored in safety. All ski and snowboard backpacks come complete with snow safety tool storage. Certain models are also avalanche airbag ready and can be used with or without the Mammut Removable Airbag 3.0 system for added safety. With designs and materials that have been tested to the limits in the lab, we know our avalanche airbag ski backpacks will cope with anything real life has to offer – because we use them ourselves to make the most of a day on the mountain.