Let’s go jump down a 40 meter high waterfall – in a kayak!

The Waterfalls project set out to study the function of waterfalls in the ecosystem. Water data were collected using scientific equipment and the kayak was used as a data collection platform. Pedro Oliva, extreme white water kayak adventurer, used himself as the link between science and society.

Pedro and his team of scientists from several different universities and institutes of research managed to engage the small villages along the 1100 km long river that Pedro paddled. The schools had thematic days to raise awareness of the importance of the river, the waterfalls and the water. The children waited for days for Pedro to pass by their village and for him to come and see their work.

The study and the results are now being presented in a permanent exhibition at a museum in Sao Paulo for more children to get to share the adventure and to learn from it.