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¿Todos los días, algunas veces o solo de vez en cuando? ¿Equipo ligero o pesado? Tenemos un soporte de techo para todas las situaciones. Barras solidas y resistentes que te permiten transportar todo lo que necesitas, con estilo.

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Heavy-duty roof bars? Or aerodynamic style?

Choosing the ideal Thule roof rack cross bars starts with a simple choice. Do you need tough, heavy-duty roof bars for heavier loads? Or are you looking for a lighter, more stylish, and aerodynamic solution that you can keep on your car and use more often? First choose what you need according to your vehicle’s make, model, and year. Then select from the different cross bar options that come with the right feet and a fit kit to mount the roof bar to your car. Finally you can add options such as locks and locking straps so all your bases are covered.


Roof bars from Thule give you the perfect choice:

  • Heavy-duty steel square bars, galvanized and plastic-coated to resist corrosion
  • Premium, aerodynamic roof bars for an ultra-quiet ride and superior carrying performance
  • Feet and a fit kit to match your choice of roof bar with your car
  • Accessories like locks and locking straps

Aerodynamic roof bars – sleek sophistication

Choose aerodynamic roof bars for superior performance and a sleek, sophisticated look that complements the lines of your car. These roof rack cross bars also have many smart design features. A textured surface disturbs the airflow and greatly reduces wing noise. The aluminum extrusion creates one of the strongest load bars in the market. The design gives you quick, no-hassle installation. While the end cap pivots and T-track make it easy to add further loading options.

Strength, security, and safety

Our number one priority is safety – yours and the people around you. Thule cross bars and roof racks are tested to the limit and beyond to ensure they support your precious cargo as well as stay securely on your vehicle. At the Thule Test Center, our products are only given the official seal of approval once they’ve survived numerous crash tests, wear and tear simulations, as well as heat and harsh chemicals. With Thule load bars, you can always rely on years and years of support.