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¿Necesitas soluciones para tu estilo de vida? Con los soportes completos "todo en uno" podrás ponerte en marcha rápidamente. Un soporte completo y preinstalado para equipar tu vehículo.

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Ready to go

Thule car roof racks are pre-assembled systems to give you a simple and straightforward choice. First select your vehicle’s make, model and year. Then choose the all-in-one roof rack that best matches your needs with sleek, aerodynamic load bars and heavy-duty, functional systems. Thule roof racks are compatible with any holders you want to add for your passion – from cargo carriers and bike racks to kayak and surfboard holders. 


Car roof racks from Thule give you convenience and choice: 

  • Pre-assembled, all-in-one roof rack systems
  • Safe and secure load carrying
  • Choice of heavy-duty and aerodynamic load bars
  • Possibility to add carriers for bikes, kayaks, and boards

A safe choice no matter what

With pre-assembled car roof racks from Thule, you’re even closer to hitting the road and taking on new adventures. Choose an aerodynamic roof rack for superior performance and a sleek style that matches the look of your car. For more heavy-duty or occasional use, you can go for square load bars of galvanized, plastic-coated steel. Either way, you can be sure of a safe installation thanks to a Fit Kit that is specific to your make and model of car. And, of course, you’ll always get secure and convenient transportation of your precious cargo.

Tried and trusted roof racks

With many decades’ experience, Thule knows what’s important for a car roof rack. Our biggest priority is safety – for you and the people around you – and you can be certain that we deliver this with our car racks. What’s more, at the Thule Test Center, our products are tested again and again and in every way imaginable. From crash tests and wear and tear simulations to exposure to heat, cold, damp, sunlight and harsh chemicals.