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  • General
    • Can I buy Thule products at Thule?
      No, unfortunately we don't do direct sales. You can buy our Thule products at one of our Thule Dealer's shops.
    • Where can I buy Thule products?
      You can use our 'dealer locator' on top of our website Thule.com, to find the nearest authorized Thule dealer in your area.
    • I've lost my keys. Where can I buy new ones?
      We can send keys and locks based on the closing number (stamped on the lock). If you have a roof box and on the cylinder is no number, then we need the BA-number, which is located on a sticker on the inside of the box lid.
    • Where can I buy spare parts?
      You can buy the spare parts at a Thule dealer. You can find the closest Thule Dealer in your region, using our dealer locator on Thule.com.
    • Can I make technical changes at the product?
      A technical modification of the products is not permitted. Doing so will void Thule's liability and your 5 year guarantee of Thule products.
    • How is the safety of the products warranted?
      Our manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001, QS 9000 and ISO award / TS 16949. Our product range is TÜV tested according to DIN 75302 and meets the criteria of the international standard ISO 11154th. Furthermore, our roof boxes, load carriers, bike carriers and accessories will be tested to meet the "City Crash" standards.
    • To which email adress can I sent questions/pictures?
      Please use our contact form on our website www.thule.com in order to get in touch with your local Consumer Service Department. They will contact you shortly after. You can then send them pictures per e-mail correspondence.
    • Do I always have to lock my Thule-products?
      Products fitted with a lock should always be locked during transport.
    • I have a question regarding my Brink / Thule hitch. Who can I contact?
      Please contact directly to the Thule Group, the company Thule Towing Systems. The contact details are as follows: Tel: 0031 522 469999 Fax: 0031 522 469788 E-Mail: aftersales.ttsnl@thule.com
    • Who can I contact regarding my caravan?
      Our colleagues in Belgium speak mostly German and English. The contact details are as follows: THULE NV Kortrijkstraat 343 8930 Menen Belgium Tel: 0032 565 28 899 Fax: 0032 565 10 205 E-mail: inforv@thule.com
  • Bike Carriers
    • Rear Door Mounted Bike Carriers
      • How fast can I drive with my Thule rear door mounted bike carrier?
      • Which Thule ClipOn (High) do I own?
        The "ClipOn"-model has two different sizes: a small version 9103 and a large version 9104. The same goes for the "ClipOn High": a small model 9105 and a large size 9106. The two different sizes of each model are not interchangeable: the choice for a certain model and size depends on the size, construction, used materials & design of your car's hatch. Consult our Buyer's Guide online on thule.com to find out the possibilities for your car. Please note that some cars cannot have rear door mounted carriers at all: in this case our Buyer's guide will not show any options.
      • Can I mount a hatch-mounted bike carrier, if my car has a rear spoiler?
        If your car has a standard metal sheet rear spoiler, there is a chance that the car can have a rear door mounted carrier, please consult our Buyer's Guide online on Thule.com. If your car is equiped with a plastic rear spoiler, you will not be able to mount a bike carrier on the hatch. These plastic spoilers are too weak to support the weight of the carrier and mounted bikes.
      • Why can't I mount my Thule ClipOn (High) on my car, although it's recommended by your Buyer's Guide?
        Please make sure that all tubes are correctly fastened with bolts and nuts. Verify that you're using the right hole to attach the upper strap, using our List of Recommendations in the box. Please note that the lower tubes are telescopic: unscrew to extend or screw to shorten, until you obtain the correct tube length. Once the right length has been obtained, attach the carrier to the hatch and lower both handles simultaneously.
    • Roof Top Mounted Bike Carriers
      • Can I mount a carbon bike on Thule roof mounted bike carrier?
        In the case of bikes with carbon frames or forks, always consult the bike manufacturer or dealer to check if you are allowed to use the carrier.Thule assumes no liability for any damage to carbon frames or forks incurred during mounting and/or use of the carrier.
      • Can I mount Thule roof mounted bike carriers on non-Thule roof racks?
        Our products are only being tested for secure and safe mounting on our own roof racks. It is rather impossible to test our products on competitor's roof racks. Therefore we cannot guarantee the compatibility with non-Thule roof racks. If your roof racks has a T-Track slot, allowing 20mm T-Track adapters, we might be able to supply the right solution for you, depending on your product.
    • Tow Bar Mounted Bike Carriers
      • What are the requirements for my towbar?
        Mounting a towbar mounted carrier is less depending on the car design, but is mainly depending on the car's towbar specifications. A tow-bar has to meet the following criteria: - The maximum load capacity of the towbar must certainly superseed the weight of the bike carrier AND the weight of the bicycles you wich to load. - The distance between the towball the carbumper should be at least 6,5 cm. - The towbar must be made out of steel at least an equivalent material. towbars made out of cast iron (GGG40) or Aluminum are not to be used in combination with our bike carriers. - The electrical connection must be 7-pin or 13-pin (see your local & legal specifications). - The socket cannot be located directly on or just below the towball.
      • Can I still open my car's boot with my bike carrier mounted?
        All of the latest tow bar mounted bike carriers can be tilted with the bikes mounted. On most vehicles, access to the luggage compartment is possible. Please understand that this cannot be tested on every single car model because of the wide range of tow bars, and their positioning. We advice you to do a trial at your Thule dealer's store. You can find the closest Thule dealer in your area via our 'Dealer Locator' on our website Thule.com.
      • Can I still use a towbar mounted bike carrier, if my car has a sparewheel on the hatch?
        Yes, you can still use a bike carrier. Depending on the model, we can supply an adaptor, going around your sparewheel, allowing you to still fit the bike arm on your carrier. Please note that in case of usage of such an adapter, 1 bicycle place will be lost.
      • Can I mount a carbon bike on a Thule tow bar bike carrier?
        In the case of bikes with carbon frames or forks, always consult the bike manufacturer or dealer to check if you are allowed to use the carrier. Thule assumes no liability for any damage to carbon frames or forks incurred during mounting and/or use of the carrier.
    • Can I still use my Thule bike carrier or roof box, on non-Thule roof racks ?
      You can mount the bike rack/roof box when your non-Thule load carrier is equiped with a T-slot, accepting a T-Track adapter of 20mm width.
  • Boxes & Baskets
    • Which Thule roof box fits my car?
      You can mount every Thule roof box as long as legal requirements are followed. There is a wide selection of designs, sizes, coulurs and smart features available within the Thule roof box assortment. Thule recommends to select a roof box model that fits to the transport demands, such as special dimension and amount of luggage. On our websitethule.com you can compare all Thule roof boxes.
    • How fast can I drive with my roofbox or carrier?
      Please note the recommended speeds and other trafic regulations in the specific country. We ask you to observed the max. top speed of 130 km/h with our carriers and roof boxes.
    • Can I use my Thule carrier or roof box for off-road trips?
      Our products are not approved for off-road driving. Adapt your speed to the conditions of the road and the load being carried, check loading fixations regularly.
    • Can I still use my Thule bike carrier or roof box, on non-Thule roof racks ?
      You can mount the bike rack/roof box when your non-Thule load carrier is equiped with a T-slot, accepting a T-Track adapter of 20mm width.
    • Do I really need a roof rack to fit a roofbox on my car?
      Yes. The use of a roof rack is mandatory to enable mounting a roof box. Thule roof boxes fit as standard to Thule SquareBar, Thule AeroBar and Thule WingBar roof rack types. By using Thule SlideBar and Thule Professional rack type, the use of Box t-track adaptors is mandatory. Thule roof boxes fit also to many other roof rack types as standard. With the help of the respective roof box mounting instruction, the limitations of rack dimensions to fit the standard Thule roof box mounting system can be verified.
    • Which carrier is compatible with Thule BackUp 900 box?
      The EasyBase 949 and Thule Backpac 973 can be used to transpor the Backup 900 Box
    • How do I drive safely with a roof box mounted?
      A roof box doesn't only mean a great deal of additional space. It also means adapting your way of driving to the new conditions resulting from your car's increased height and weight. Your car will be more sensitive to crosswinds. Check whether the roof box and the load carrier are correctly fastened to the car – especially important during long journeys. In the absence of any existing speed restriction, we recommend a maximum speed of 130 km/h (85 mph). A loaded box causes a shift in the centre of gravity which leads to changes in behaviour in curves and when braking. The height of the vehicle is increased by up to 60 cm! Take care in the event of driving through low garage doorways or low bridges!
    • How do I load a Thule roof box?
      First load the heavy objects as centrally as possible in order to distribute the weight of your load evenly on the load carrier and the car. Take care that the load does not obstruct the closing of the lid in order to prevent any malfunctioning of the locking system. The permissible gross vehicle weight may not be exceeded. Observe the maximum roof load prescribed by the car manufacturer. All pieces of baggage must be secured to prevent them from moving. Please use special ski holders and straps. Always fasten skis and snowboards to the ski holders with the front ends pointing to the rear. In summer the ski holders can be used as compartment dividers. They prevent objects from moving and are practical anyway, e.g. for separating clean objects from dirty ones. Provide luggage which should not get damp with an additional protection (e.g. plastic bags).
    • What about roof box maintenance?
      The roofbox should be carefully cleaned and maintained, particularly during the winter months. For this purpose, only use a solution of water and standard washing-up liquid without any alcohol, bleach or ammonium additives as otherwise the surface of the roofbox could suffer damage. Please do not use any standard car cockpit sprays. The locks should be lubricated with spray lubricant (no lubricant should be allowed to come into contact with the plastic surface of the roofbox).
    • What special details to be followed when using a roof box?
      – The height of the given vehicle can increase by up to 70 cm (depending on the roof rack used) – Beware of low garage entrances, low clearances in general, low-hanging branches, etc! – Wind noise may be generated. – When using an automatic car-wash facility, the roofbox and roof rack must first be removed. – For reasons of fuel economy, the roofbox and roof rack can be removed when not in use. – In order to avoid generating excessive lifting forces, the roofbox should be mounted parallel to the line of the road and not at an angle. – In the absence of any instructions from the vehicle manufacturer to the contrary and in compliance with the vehicle specifics, the distance between the rack’s transverse struts should be as large as possible but still within the setting range of the adjustable mounting system. Please note that changes (e.g. additional drill holes) to the roofbox’s fixing system are not permitted.
  • Roof Racks
    • What should be the distance between the cross bars?
      If no special fitting positions are given in the assembly instructions, try to maintain a minimum distance of 700 mm between the load carrier bars. When carrying long loads, the minimum distance between both cross bars should not be less than 600 mm.
    • What is the load capacity of my Thule roof rack?
      The maximum load, specified in the assembly instructions, is not to be exceeded. However, this limit is always subordinate to the maximum load recommended by the manufacturer of the car itself. It is always the lowest value that applies. Max. roof load = load carrier weight + any fitted carrier accessories + the weight of the load itself.
    • How should the load be secured?
      The load may not significantly exceed the load carrier’s width, and it should always be spread evenly across the load carrier and with the lowest possible centre of gravity. All loose or removable parts of the load (such as bike child seats, tyre pumps, fins and so on) should be taken off prior to loading. The load should be thoroughly secured. Elastic straps are not to be used. The load’s security should be checked after a short distance, and thereafter at suitable intervals. Tighten the load’s securing straps whenever necessary. NOTE! Always check the load’s attachment security.
    • What about maintenance of my load carrier?
      Check and replace worn-out or defective parts. The load carrier should always be cleaned and maintained, especially in the winter. Screws, nuts and locks (if fitted) should be lubricated at regular intervals. When not in use, the product should be removed from the vehicle. When the product is removed from the vehicle, all loose parts should be stored safely.
  • Water Sport Carriers
    • How do I mount my multiple surfboards on my carrier?
      When several surfboards are being carried, they should not be placed beside each other but instead one on top of the other. Always keep the smallest board on top, fins should be placed upwards. When carrying surfboards and other long items, these shall be secured both at the front and the rear of the vehicle.
    • Will my carrier also fit on a non-Thule roof rack?
      Our products are only being tested for secure and safe mounting on our own roof racks. It is rather impossible to test our products on competitor's roof racks. Therefore we cannot guarantee the compatibility with non-Thule roof racks. If your roof bars has a T-Track slot, allowing 20mm T-Track adapters, we might be able to supply the right solution for you, depending on your product.
  • Winter Sport Carriers
    • What is the recommended way to transport my skis in a Thule Ski carrier?
      Skis should be transported with their pointed ends facing the back of the car. Make sure that the ski bindings are not too close to the roof. Make sure that the skis do not strike against the luggage hatch. Always keep the carrier locked during transport.
  • Luggage & Duffels
    • Can I use the TCRD-2 87L Rolling Duffle as a carry-on case?
      The TCRD-2 87L measures 29”, exceeding US and global cabin carry-on allowances. The Thule 38L Rolling Carry-on is perfect for taking on a plane. The Thule 56L can also be used as a carry-on suitcase, as long as it is not filled to capacity. Please consult your local airport/airline for specific measurements.
    • I have seen the TCRU-2 60L Rolling Upright. Can I carry this bag on the plane? If I detach the race pack from the suitcase, does it leave the suitcase exposed?
      The TCRU-2 60L is a 24” suitcase and thus exceeds US and global cabin carry-on allowances. It will have to be checked. If you detach the race pack from the TCRU-2, there is a flap rolled-up in the case that simply zips over the area exposed when the pack is detached. This gives the case all of the protection of a regular suitcase.
  • Daypacks & Messengers
    • Do the Thule EnRoute backpacks have the same crushproof “Safe Zone” that other Thule backpacks have?
      Yes. The Thule EnRoute backpacks have a new version of the “Safe Zone” pocket.
    • I am interested in purchasing a TESD-115 backpack. What size laptop computer will fit in its computer pocket?
      The TESD-115 will fit a 15” MacBook Pro or a 13.3” PC laptop computer. The TEBD-117 and TEED-117 will fit a 17” MacBook Pro or up to a 15.6” PC laptop computer (without an extended-life battery on it).
    • There is an elastic hook at the end of the safe zone on the TCBP-117 25L backpack. What is it for?
      That elastic hook will hook onto the ridge of the zipper pull, keeping your safe zone zipper closed while you are moving around.
    • What is the large pocket on the outside of the TCBP-217 32L?
      That pocket is what we call a “stuff-it” pocket. Release the compression straps and use the pocket for a sweatshirt or bike helmet. Tighten the straps to secure the pocket.
    • What is the pocket on the underside of the TCBP-217 32L for?
      That pocket is for anything that you wish to store in it. It is an ideal pocket for a MacBook (charger) power brick.
    • Which backpack is larger? The TEED-117? Or the TEBD-117?
      The TEED-117 backpack is our largest of the Thule EnRoute Backpack line.
    • Will a 17” PC fit into a TCBP-217 32L?
      The TCBP-117 25L or TCBP-217 32L backpack can hold a 17” MacBook Pro or up to a 15.6” PC laptop computer (without an extended-life battery on it).
  • Bike Bags & Racks
    • Are any tools needed for installation?
      All tools required for Pack ’n Pedal installation are included with the products.
    • Can I carry other brands of panniers on the Thule Pack ’n Pedal Tour Rack?
      Yes. The Thule Pack ’n Pedal Side Frames can be mounted to theThule Pack ’n Pedal Tour Rack to carry virtually any type of pannier.
    • Can I still use my tablet or smart phone when zipped inside the Thule Pack ’n Pedal Bike Wallet or iPad/Map Sleeve?
    • Can I use other brand racks to carry Thule Pack ’n Pedal panniers?
      Yes. Thule Pack ’n Pedal panniers can mount to virtually any other bike rack by using the Thule Pack ’n Pedal Rack Adapter Bracket Magnet. This bracket is included with Thule Pack ’n Pedal panniers but can also be purchased separately.
    • Can the Thule pannier magnet damage my laptop or other electronics?
      No, the Thule pannier magnet won’t damage your laptop or other electronics. Modern electronics, including hard drives and smartphones are impervious to damage by simple magnets. We have taken additional measures and included dispersion materials in our panniers to deflect or minimize the magnet field going beyond the intended purpose of securing the bags on the rack.
    • Do Thule Pack ’n Pedal products contain PVC?
      All Thule Pack ’n Pedal™products are PVC-free.
    • Do the panniers contain any internal compartments? If so, what size laptop do they fit?
      The Thule Pack ’n Pedal Commuter Pannier has an internal pocket which can accommodate up to a 15” laptop. There are two external pockets, one of which is meant for a “blinky” light (it’s semi-transparent so the light shows through the pocket) and the other can hold small items. The Thule Pack ’n Pedal Touring Panniers and Tote have no internal pockets, but both have external pockets for a “blinky” light.
    • How can I create more clearance for pedaling action when panniers are mounted?
      The Thule Pack ’n Pedal Rail Extender Kit can screw into the Thule Pack ’n Pedal Tour Rack rails to extend foot clearance.
    • What is the warranty for Thule Pack ’n Pedal products?
      5 years.
    • What materials are the rain covers made from?
      The rain covers are 90% nylon and 10% TPU (polyurethane).
    • What’s the difference between the Thule Pack ’n Pedal Tour and Sport Racks?
      The Thule Pack ’n Pedal Tour Rack has side rails that can be used for mounting panniers. The Thule Pack ’n Pedal Sport Rack is designed to accommodate top loads only and does not come with side rails.
  • Laptop & Tablet Cases
    • I have a Mac AirBook. Do you have a case for it?
      We have a specific sleeve/envelope that will fit the 11” and 13” MacBook Air models. The cases are the TMAS-111 and TMAS-113, respectively.
    • The Thule Gauntlet attaché case has a shoulder strap, but the connections are on opposite sides of the case. Is this correct?
      This is correct. The straps are made to close the case with ease. For instance, if you are working on your MacBook Pro, while at a coffee shop and need to get a refill of your drink, put the strap around your shoulder and stand-up. The case tension will close your computer. You don’t have to worry about your computer being stolen, because it is at your side.
    • The Thule Gauntlet attaché is larger than the Thule Gauntlet sleeve. What are the differences?
      The Thule Gauntlet attaché cases are made to hold, not only a MacBook Pro, but also an iPad or other brand tablet computer. The case also has space for power chords, as well as a few magazines or files.
    • Will my 13.3” PC computer fit into the TAS-113 (TGPS-213 Apple Exclusive Product)?
      The Gauntlet line of cases are made specifically to hold Apple MacBook products. The MacBook Pro Sleeve - TAS-113/TGPS-213 – is tailor-made to fit a 15” MacBook Pro. PC laptop computers are thicker and will not generally fit the Thule Gauntlet cases.
  • Smartphone Cases
    • Will my HTC smart phone fit into the TGI-205 phone case that I saw at the Apple store?
      The TGI-205 iPhone case is made specifically for the iPhone 5 dimensions.
  • Camera Bags & Cases
    • I have a 70mm-200m lens on my camera. Which Thule Perspektiv case will it fit into?
      The TPCH-102 Large Top Loader will accommodate a DSLR with a 70mm-200mm lens attached to the body. A 70mm-200mm lens, or even a 70mm-300mm lens will fit into the storage areas of the Thule Perspektiv Daypack and Thule Perspektiv Messenger Bags.
    • I saw the TPGP-101 Action Camera Case. What kind of camera is this case for?
      The TPGP-101 Action Camera case will accommodate several different brands of action cameras that one might see recording extreme sport videos. These brands include, but are not limited to : GoPro, Sony and Contour. The bottom, crush-proof area is for the camera and un-rollable top area is for the camera accessories that attach the camera to helmet or chest rigs. The case is intended to be used for storage in-between your adventures, not during your adventures.
    • I see that there are a set of straps inside the Thule Perspektiv Daypack. What is that for?
      The Thule Perspektiv Daypack and Thule Perspektiv Messenger bags have a removable pod. For instance, if traveling and the user wants to site-see without taking the camera equipment along, the pod can be removed and stored in a hotel safe.
    • Which Perspektiv photo case will hold my Canon T4i?
      All Perspektiv photo packs will hold the T4i, except for the TPGP-101, Action Sport Camera Case. All Perspektiv photo packs will hold most pro-model cameras; the TPGP-101, Action Sport Camera Case will not.
    • Will one of your packs hold more than one camera body?
      The Thule Perspektiv Backpack has a reconfigurable space that can be modified to fit your lens and camera body needs.
    • Will the TPCH-102 Top Loader accommodate a DSLR with a battery grip?
      The TPCH-102 will fit most DSLR cameras with a battery grip, except for the Canon 1D Mark line of cameras.
  • RV Accessories
    • In this product category FAQ is not available. If you have a question please use the Contact Us form.
  • Snow Chains
    • Do I fit snow chains on the front or rear wheels?
      Snow chains must be fitted on the drive wheels.
    • Where do I fit snow chains on my 4-wheel drive vehicle?
      Please, check the Owner's Manual of your vehicle to you will find out what the car manufacturer suggests.
    • Can I fit snow chains on winter tyres?
      Yes, our snow chains are developed to fit all kind of tyres whether they are summer, winter or all season tyres.
    • Which is the maximum speed of drive with snow chains fitted?
      The maximum speed of drive is 50 km/h (30mph)
    • How can I retrieve the size of my chains if I've lost the label with the chain size?
      For the most Thule snow chains, the size is engraved on the red S-shaped closing hook positioned on the outer side of the chain (the size is composed by 3 digits, i.e 070). For K-Summit chains, you can find a code in the internal side of one of the plastic plates (the last 2 digits represent the chain size i.e 23). For Easy-fit chains, the size is engraved on the black internal rigid arch (where the first 3 digits represent the chain size i.e 070).
    • Is there any risk of scratching my alloy rims using Thule snow chains?
      If correctly fitted, snow chains don't damage alloy rims. For greater coverage, you can use a model featuring our anti-scratch system.
    • Where can I find a copy of the fitting instructions?
      You can find the fitting instructions on Thule.com. Look for your product and click on "Technical Information". You will find the fitting instructions to the right under "Additional information" and fitting instruction. Click on the link to download the pdf version.
    • How can I mantain my Thule snow chains in a good shape after their usage?
      For a good maintenance, we suggest to wash the chains with water to remove any salt or dirty remnants and let them dry before your restore them in their box/bag.
    • Are there any spare parts available?
      You can find the information on spare parts on Thule.com. Find your product and click on "Spare parts" to find out more. Contact your local dealer after retrieving the information you are looking for.
    • When should I consider my snow chain's lifecycle over?
      When the wear of the links is more than 45% of the thickness, snow chains must be changed in order to not damage the vehicle.
    • I can't find the information I need on Thule.com. Who can I contact?
      If you can't find the information on our web page please contact us via our "Contact Us" form. You can find the form under the tab About Thule and Contact Us
    • On which tyre sizes can I fit my chain model XXX size YYY (e.g. CD-9 080)?
      You can find the information on our product pages. Click on your snow chain and further click on "Tyres sizes"
    • How can I determine which Thule Snow Chain fits my tyre size if I can't find my vehicle in the Thule Buyer's Guide section?
      If you can't find your vehicle in the Buyer's Guide, click on "I can't find my vehicle, find a snow chain by tyre size" instead and select the information needed and you will be given a selection of possible Thule Snow Chains. Please consider that if your car model and tyre size are not listed in our Buyer's Guide, it means that we can't guarantee the correct application for you vehicle.
    • What model and size of Thule snow chain can I fit on my car xxxx with xxx/yy-kk tyres (e.g. 185/55 R15)?
      Please use our fit guide to find out which Thule snow chain, model and size fits your car. When in the Thule Buyer's Guide select the "Snow Chains" category and select your car data: make, model and tyre size.