Thule Residence G2

Living space up to 16,5m²

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  • The awning fabric and the side panels are connected with aluminium clamping profiles, which ensure the awning fabric is kept in place. In this way a wind and waterproof connection is achieved without deformation to the fabric.
  • A diagonal support between the mast profile and the clamping profile ensures a high stability.
  • The space between the vehicle wall and the side panel is sealed of by an adjustable mast profile, with double rubber flaps.
  • Large window surfaces for greater incidence of light and an open feeling of spaciousness.
  • Side windows fully open, whilst remaining screened by a mosquito mesh.
  • The front is available with doors on the left or right hand side
  • Both sides and front are made of high quality PVC fabric.
  • The front can be manufactured in different awning fabric colours.
  • The Residence G2 is available for Thule Omnistor 8000, 5003, 4900, 6900, 6002, 5102, 9200 and the older awnings 5002, 5500, 5800, 6802 and 6502.

Technical specifications

RV Tent awning type Box awning
RV Tent connection awning side Aluminium clamping profiles
Tent material PVC fabric
Different fabric colours
Min mounting height 2.15 m
Max mounting height 3.10 m
Set-up time Fast
Stay Long
Curtains optional accessory
Wheel cover optional accessory
Windslip optional accessory
Bag Classic bag
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