Thule Crew | Eva Nystrom

Eva Nyström

Duathlon world Champion who now focuses on Ironman on Hawaii in Triathlon.

Age: 35

Nationality: Swedish

Family: Martin (engaged) and Simon 2 years.

Sports: Duathlon, triathlon, multisport and adventure racing.

Best place on earth: Our house in Mölndal, Sweden and my parents summerhouse outside Arvidsjaur.

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What elements of the nature do you work with/use/profit from in your sport?

All I think, or depend of which race I am racing or which sport I am practice. I like to train a lot of diffrent sports!

Most awesome adventure of your life, so far..?

Getting Simon!

Most epic sport experience of your life, so far..?

Raid Gaulisoses 2003 in Kyrgystan. A 6 days and 6 hours nonstop race over the mountains in Kyrgystan. I had problems with my stomach and could not eat for some days and in the end I drank to little water too.... I was tired for over 2 months after that adventure, but I survived and we ended in second place.

Other interests besides your sport?

My family, and fix and renovate our house. And sometimes I also read a book or two!

What makes you happy?

Playing with our son Simon, training and of course racing! And I love to just be out in the fresh air!