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  • Laptop & Tablet Cases
    • I have a Mac AirBook. Do you have a case for it?
      We have a specific sleeve/envelope that will fit the 11” and 13” MacBook Air models. The cases are the TMAS-111 and TMAS-113, respectively.
    • The Thule Gauntlet attaché case has a shoulder strap, but the connections are on opposite sides of the case. Is this correct?
      This is correct. The straps are made to close the case with ease. For instance, if you are working on your MacBook Pro, while at a coffee shop and need to get a refill of your drink, put the strap around your shoulder and stand-up. The case tension will close your computer. You don’t have to worry about your computer being stolen, because it is at your side.
    • The Thule Gauntlet attaché is larger than the Thule Gauntlet sleeve. What are the differences?
      The Thule Gauntlet attaché cases are made to hold, not only a MacBook Pro, but also an iPad or other brand tablet computer. The case also has space for power chords, as well as a few magazines or files.
    • Will my 13.3” PC computer fit into the TAS-113 (TGPS-213 Apple Exclusive Product)?
      The Gauntlet line of cases are made specifically to hold Apple MacBook products. The MacBook Pro Sleeve - TAS-113/TGPS-213 – is tailor-made to fit a 15” MacBook Pro. PC laptop computers are thicker and will not generally fit the Thule Gauntlet cases.