Thule Pack ’n Pedal Smart in all ways

Smart to pack. Smart to carry. Smart to bike.

Smart to pack

Our weatherproof bags keep your valuables safe and easily accessible. And the design of the bags makes them easy to load and use as normal bags. They also come with compression buckles to reduce size when your bag is empty.

Smart to carry

With its unique and smart solutions, the Thule Pack ’n Pedal™ range is designed to be easy to use and practical both on and off the bike. There are no attachments scraping against your body and comfortable handles make the bags easy to carry.

Smart on bike

Our racks can be fitted on virtually any kind of bike. And our bags to any kind of rack. But needless to say, using our racks with our own bags is the best solution. With their combined number of smart solutions, you will get the best, safest and most comfortable ride – no matter what you’re bringing.