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  • Snow Chains
    • Do I fit snow chains on the front or rear wheels?
      Snow chains must be fitted on the drive wheels.
    • Where do I fit snow chains on my 4-wheel drive vehicle?
      Please, check the Owner's Manual of your vehicle to you will find out what the car manufacturer suggests.
    • Can I fit snow chains on winter tyres?
      Yes, our snow chains are developed to fit all kind of tyres whether they are summer, winter or all season tyres.
    • Which is the maximum speed of drive with snow chains fitted?
      The maximum speed of drive is 50 km/h (30mph)
    • How can I retrieve the size of my chains if I've lost the label with the chain size?
      For the most Thule snow chains, the size is engraved on the red S-shaped closing hook positioned on the outer side of the chain (the size is composed by 3 digits, i.e 070). For K-Summit chains, you can find a code in the internal side of one of the plastic plates (the last 2 digits represent the chain size i.e 23). For Easy-fit chains, the size is engraved on the black internal rigid arch (where the first 3 digits represent the chain size i.e 070).
    • Is there any risk of scratching my alloy rims using Thule snow chains?
      If correctly fitted, snow chains don't damage alloy rims. For greater coverage, you can use a model featuring our anti-scratch system.
    • Where can I find a copy of the fitting instructions?
      You can find the fitting instructions on Thule.com. Look for your product and click on "Technical Information". You will find the fitting instructions to the right under "Additional information" and fitting instruction. Click on the link to download the pdf version.
    • How can I mantain my Thule snow chains in a good shape after their usage?
      For a good maintenance, we suggest to wash the chains with water to remove any salt or dirty remnants and let them dry before your restore them in their box/bag.
    • Are there any spare parts available?
      You can find the information on spare parts on Thule.com. Find your product and click on "Spare parts" to find out more. Contact your local dealer after retrieving the information you are looking for.
    • When should I consider my snow chain's lifecycle over?
      When the wear of the links is more than 45% of the thickness, snow chains must be changed in order to not damage the vehicle.
    • I can't find the information I need on Thule.com. Who can I contact?
      If you can't find the information on our web page please contact us via our "Contact Us" form. You can find the form under the tab About Thule and Contact Us
    • On which tyre sizes can I fit my chain model XXX size YYY (e.g. CD-9 080)?
      You can find the information on our product pages. Click on your snow chain and further click on "Tyres sizes"
    • How can I determine which Thule Snow Chain fits my tyre size if I can't find my vehicle in the Thule Buyer's Guide section?
      If you can't find your vehicle in the Buyer's Guide, click on "I can't find my vehicle, find a snow chain by tyre size" instead and select the information needed and you will be given a selection of possible Thule Snow Chains. Please consider that if your car model and tyre size are not listed in our Buyer's Guide, it means that we can't guarantee the correct application for you vehicle.
    • What model and size of Thule snow chain can I fit on my car xxxx with xxx/yy-kk tyres (e.g. 185/55 R15)?
      Please use our fit guide to find out which Thule snow chain, model and size fits your car. When in the Thule Buyer's Guide select the "Snow Chains" category and select your car data: make, model and tyre size.