Thule Panorama

Easy installation and high sturdiness

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  • This tent offers extremely high stability while being quick and easy to install: the front panel simply slides into the lead rail of the awning and a clamping profile ensures mounting and connection of the side panel to the awning fabric.
  • AIRTEX® is a 100% polyester fabric coated on one side with acrylate and impregnated with a finish based on Teflon. The fungicide finish prevents the development of fungus and mildew. The fabric absorbs almost no moisture and provides optimal water tightness. It is very low-maintenance and washable.
  • Larger windows increase your view on the nature and get more light in. They can also fully remove the front windows or open them vertically to use as a door, or open them horizontally to let fresh air in.
  • Aerations on both sides allow a perfect air circulation when the tent is closed. On top, the 2 side windows are equipped with mosquito mesh.
  • The front panel hides your support legs, for a perfect finish touch.
  • The Thule Panorama is available for Thule Omnistor 8000, 5002, 5003, 5500, 9200, 6200, 6900, 6002

Technical specifications

RV Tent awning type Box awning
RV Tent connection awning side Aluminium clamping profiles
Tent material AIRTEX
Different fabric colours
Min mounting height 2.30 m
Max mounting height 2.75 m
Set-up time Fast
Stay Long
Curtains optional accessory
Wheel cover optional accessory
Windslip supplied as standard
Bag Luxury bag
Miscellaneous -