Thule Lift Manual

Manual, up to 3 bikes

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  • Designed for a stable and solid attachment to the rear wall of a motorhome or caravan.
  • With detachable bike frame holders that can easiliy be removed, then returned in position after the bikes are loaded. A feature that makes loading of bikes faster and much more convenient. With rubber surface for protecting the bike frames.
  • The adjustable wheel holders make sure you can almost fit any bike on the bike carrier, from mountain bikes to childrens bikes.
  • The base can be lowered and raised by using a crank, making the installation of the bikes effortlessly.
  • The carrier can be extended up to 3 bikes. Set for 3rd bike is sold seperately.
  • Load capacity up to 50 kg

Technical specifications

Mounting location Motorhome & Caravan rear
Max 2 bikes
Max 3 bikes
Max 4 bikes
Standard Load Capacity (bikes) 2
Max Load capacity (bikes) 3
Max Weight Capacity 50 kg
Van Programme
Width 126 cm
Height 70 - 95 cm
Depth 70 - 140 cm
Weight 15.5 kg
Sliding rail in depth
Sliding rail left-right