Chariot Captain 2

Chariot Captain is the durable traveller, robust and roomy for transporting heavier items. *The Captain 2 is only available in Europe BICYCLE TRAILER KIT INCLUDED

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  • Sturdy plastic floor pan bolted to the chassis makes it extremely robust
  • Adjustable suspension for a smooth and stable ride
  • Extra storage space for hauling around cargo

Technical specifications

Meets safety standards
Anodized aluminum roll cage
5-point child safety harness
Reflective material
Tinted windows
Aerodynamic design
Adjustable suspension
Lightweight carrier
Disc brakes
Pivoting/Locking front wheel
1st year of life accessories -
Click n'Store
Rear storage
Integrated accessory cross bar
Parking brake -
Quick release back wheels -
Weather cover
Hard bottom base
Adjustable reclining seat
Adjustable padded harness -
Integrated helmet space
Adjustable handlebar -
Full or partial window venting
Extra seat padding
Enlarged child cockpit
Weight capacity 45 kg
Weight* 17 kg
Note * Weights include handlebars
Shoulder width 70 cm
Sitting height 64 cm
Pass through 85 cm
Series Touring Series
Dimensions (LxWxH) 114 x 85 x 108 cm
Folded dimensions (LxWxH) 108 x 82 x 42 cm
Warranty 10 Year Frame Guarantee
SKU No 10300712


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