Thule Crew | Niccolo Porcella

Niccolo Porcella

One of the kitesurfing world’s youngest and most hyped stars.

Age: 25

Nationality: Hawaiian-Italian

Family: Mom and Dad in Sardinia Italy with my 2 younger sisters and my older brother here in Maui Hawaii

Sports: Kitesurfing, surfing, Big waves surfing, Sup, Cliff diving, acrobatic base-jumping power-tracking, Wingsuit proximity flying, Acrobatic Capoeira

Best place on earth: Uuhh, that is a tuff one so many beautiful best places on earth. If I would pick one I would have to go with Sardinia .

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What elements of the nature do you work with/use/profit from in your sport?

Water Waves for surfing, water waves and wind for kiting, beach sand and forest for hiking running and biking, big cliffs and air for jumping of and flying:)...

Most awesome adventure of your life, so far..?

Traveling the world getting to see all kinds of landscapes Mother Nature gives us, meeting all kinds of people with different culture, vision and beliefs.

Most epic sport experience of your life, so far..?

Wow so many but I'll just mention the last 4 big ones:) January 4th 2012 Jaws big day paddle-in and then kiteing the biggest wave of my life in the most critical spot.
March 15th 2012 strapless surf session with my friends I landed 2 new moves I've dreamed of doing...
September 20th Cliff-diving from 25 meters in Sardinia for the movie Pushing the limits very intense...
November 25th 2012 Tracking and Wingsuit proximity flying in Oahu overlooking the island not many words to describe the feeling all I can say is on word and maybe you can understand "human flight".

Other interests besides your sport?

I love spending time with my girlfriend, family and friends I really love to eat and cook amazing good healthy food having a beer or a glass of wine laughing with everybody, dancing etc :)
I love training in the forest or big open panoramic views as hiking, running and biking.
I love free-diving with turtles dolphins and sharks and all the wild life that's in the ocean.
I'm always up for a good action movie - haha!
I spend a bit of time here and there watching and reading inspirational movies books dvd's about people achieving their dreams to see if I can always improve on myself.

What makes you happy?

Life and all the dreams, experience that you can achieve wile believing and living it to the fullest.