Thule Bike Challenge

Whether you are a jovial bicyclist, a sporty mountain biker or a racing cyclist: Thule and MAPtoBIKE are your companions throughout Europe. Collect Thule Pins, join the contest or the scavenger hunt and win great prices! Just download, power on and get going!


Download MAPtoBIKE

Download the app for iPhone and Android Phones for free, join the Thule contest and track your tour. You will collect pins and places of the Thule Challenge automatically.

Thule Bike Challenge | MAPtoBIKE

Thule Challenges

A lot of special actions and pins are waiting for you throughout Europe! Either collect the Thule pins during your tour or go specifically to search for the 20 Thule Challenges in Europe. You’ll find all places on

Thule Bike Challenge

How Do I join?

Download the app, register for free and get going. Before you will start on your first tour you can register to the Thule contest and may win great prices. Have fun collecting pins!