Thule WingBar Edge | Thule AeroBlade Edge

Thule WingBar Edge

The most safe and silent roof rack. Now in low fit.

Thule WingBar Edge has an extra low profile that stays closer to the roof and makes your car look even better. It is designed to stay on your car, even when not in use. On top, it is safe and easy to use with noise and aerodynamics at the best levels on the market developed using airplane technology and wind tunnel testing. In short, it is all high performance and low fit.

Thule WingBar Edge | Thule AeroBlade Edge 

Thule WingBar Edge | Thule AeroBlade Edge 

Great design

Close to perfection. The low profile and close fit to the roof creates a stunning look, also making it safer when driving under low passages.

Smooth curves. The WingBar Edge is smoothly arched for a slim fit.

Strong to the finish. Double moulded plastic caps for best appearance and easy fitting.

Light weight. Thule WingBar Edge is made of lightweight aluminium and safely carries loads up to 75 kg.

Easy assembly

Easy handling with the pre-assembled system and integrated foot.

Fast mounting thanks to the well-known Thule T-track.

Universal fit by the use of telescopic feet (50 mm/side).

Superior safety thanks to the torque key (958x railing version only).

Theft protected – both versions are lockable.

Silent and safe

Less air resistance.The Trail edge and Wind diffuser with structured upper rubber list diverts the air currents.

55 % drag force reduction compared to Thule AeroBar.

Basically noiseless. The WingBar Edge produces just 6 % of Thule AeroBar’s noise.

City Crash approved for 75 kg (ISO).


1. T-track for fast mounting.

2. Lightweight aluminium.

3. WindDiffuser™.

4. Easy and convenient handling thanks to the preassembled system and integrated foot.

5. Double molded plastic caps for excellent appearance and easy fitting.

6. Smoothly bended for a roof curved fit.

Thule WingBar Edge | Thule AeroBlade Edge Features

Thule WingBar Edge 959 | Thule AeroBlade Edge 750x
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Thule WingBar 959x

959x for cars with fixpoint or flush railings. Use existing ThuleRapid 753 kit system for perfect fit.

Thule WingBar Edge 958 | Thule AeroBlade Edge 760x
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Thule WingBar 958x

958x for cars with factory installed railings. One of the most universal racks on the market, developed to fit rails with a diameter of 25–60mm.