Thule - Active families

Active with Kids

Take your kids along for the ride. Thule believes in tough, secure and stylish carriers for your precious ones. Letting you and your kids share your passions – whatever the season and wherever you want to go. Whether it’s strolling, jogging, biking, hiking or even cross-country skiing.


Thule designs products that meet or exceed international safety standards.  Our rigorous internal testing ensures our products can handle the toughest conditions to keep you and your children safe.  

Ease of use

Our products are designed by outdoor enthusiasts with a focus on intuitive features that make our products easy to use, enhancing your experience.

Perfect fit

From newborn to when they are ready to take the journey by your side, our products are designed to fit you, your children and your active lifestyle.   

Bike Trailers and Seats – versatility and durability
Strollers- performance and lightweight