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Adventure Team

The world’s best Adventure Team.

The Team consist of: MF: Martin Flinta  MG: Myriam "Mimi" Guillard  JB: Jacky Boisset  MH: Marcel Hagener  PV: Per Vestling 

Age: 0

Nationality: MF, PV: Swedish MG, JB: French MH: German

Family: MF: Eva (engaged) and Simon 2 years MG: no brother, no sister, no kids but wonderfull mum and dad and of course Jacky my partner for racing, training and for everyday... JB: in couple with Myriam Guillot MH: Single PV: Jeanette and Kalle

Sports: MF: Multisport and adventure racing + Duathlon/Triathlon etc sometimes MG: Adventure race and Mtb JB: Adventure race, traveller our the world MH: MTB, Kayak, Run PV: Adventure racing

Best place on earth: MF: Multisport and adventure racing + Duathlon/Triathlon etc sometimes MG: Too difficult to choose, i love to be outside and discover around the world because i'm curious about the nature, i like her and i respect her. So peharps for me the best places is where i'm feeling good and when i can feel the power of the earth!!! JB: During our trip around the world i have learn to appreciate every place with it good part. All time you leave a nice place it's most of the time to discover something different and more beautiful. That's why i can answer, the best place on earth is in our motorhome jumping from one amazing spot to another incredible nice different spot. I love to move, travel, meet people, culture, food ... there is so much thing to discover on earth to stay all time at the same place. In my mind the best place on earth would be the place with all variety of the world in the same place ... but i haven't found this place yet, our trip need to continuous just for that ! MH: New Zeeland and that's about it. PV: South America, beautiful mountains and friendly people.

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What elements of the nature do you work with/use/profit from in your sport?

MF: We use them all!
MG: In adventure race we work with all the elements of the nature, and this is incredible because everyday you need to listen all of them to be performant. I like to be in the water because it's so precious and we are so lucky to play with her during the rafting, kayak section in the sea and if you learn about the water you can be more efficient or during all our trekking we can be alone into the wild and listen the forest, animals and its' a good help to find your way. Also in mountain bike is different because we need to observe all the small thing and work with everything just to be faster...So in adventure race the main point to be strong is to be fit but know and work all the elements of our nature...
JB We are in the water for kayaking, rafting, canyoneering, swimming, crossing rivers. We are on the mud for mtbiking, running, bush-walking, caving We are on the snow for Mountaineering, back country ski. We are in the air for Via ferrata, flying fox, abseiling.
MH: I still learn a lot about myself and other people/athletes in team events. Communication and preparation are very important factors.
PV: We use them all, water, forest, mountain, desert.

Most awesome adventure of your life, so far..?

MF: Most awesome outdoor adventure is climbing Chimborazo in Ecuador with Per, and my first desert race, outside of Abu Dhabi. Its was also amazing to get our son Simon!
MG: it's like for the best places is so difficult to choose because i have plenty. In fact in our sport every day is a special day, we travel around the world and each race is different and all the time a lot of memories and awesome adventures. But if i don't talk about adventure race, something amazing is our life style with Jacky. We have stopped our job to be stronger athlete but also to discover the world and the people around the planet and this is so great...we can take our time to enjoy every seconds of each day!!!
JB: All adventure race are single because of the country, the weather, vegetation, relief ... that's why i have 1000 awesome memory and stories in my head, i remember some sunrise from 5000m of altitude in Ecuador, bush-walking with cloud of mosquito in New England, riding my bike on the hard sand of a beach with the full moon in Spain, skiing over the polar arctic circle at 22:00 with a big sun shine, meeting a couple of lion before the sunset in south Africa, rafting a tricky and big white water river in the Alpes, Running in the sand dune desert middle of the night in UAE, riding my MTB with a herd of Kangaroo in West Australia, paddling with seal and dolphin in massive river of Canada .... but one time in Tasmania we would like to cross a river before the night and it was tide down, the river was just 10m width but in few second (because the stream was so strong) we were all our team propel in the sea, with our backpack on, big waves, it was so hard to came back on the shore but we did it and after 2 second i realize that i have lost the map of the race, i have saw them in the waves and get back in waves just to grab my map holder ... it was short story but in few second in adventure race every thing can happen, a lot of emotion in few second, at the end of the race we were World champ !!!!!
MH: Life itself is a pretty awesome adventure.
PV: In life its being a father. Most awesome outdoor adventure is climbing Chimborazo in Ecuador with Martin.

Most epic sport experience of your life, so far..?

MF: Winning the World championship in Tasmania 2011 with our team and win a big 2-persons team race in Malaysia with Eva and beat all male teams
MG: it was in New Zealand in 2005 during my summer but winter in south hemisphere. Before i was so focus in mountaineering and i wanted to spend all my time in the mountains with my ski and climb all the summits. With 2 other friends we have decided to do a traverse between Mt. Cook and Fox Glacier, all of them we carried a huge backpack (35kg each) and we have planned to do this trip in 8-10 days but after 6 days the weather changed so quick and it was a amazing snow storm. So we were lost and we have taken long time to find our way and hut. So we were stock during 10 days in the small hut with no water, no food, no gas, no more than 0° inside...and waiting the rescue by helicopter. Really strange and scare experience. And since that a lot of thing has changed in my life...
JB: First time I as racing in China, we had to run in a cave but in fact it was a mix between caving and canyoneering, it means we were in the dark with small headlamp go down a white water canyon, You could imagine my surprise !
MH: My most epic sports experience so far would be the 2001 Mizone Enduranzone (a 28 day Multisport race) and the 2006 Primal Quest in Utah.
PV: Winning the world championship in Tasmania 2011 with Thule Adventure Team.

Other interests besides your sport?

MF: Spending time with our son Simon, and working on our house, photographing, product development, high technology!
MG: Adventure race is for me the more interesting sport, you must practice everything and you need to be autonomous in each discipline into the wild, work together and push our body in the extreme because you race for your team!!! And after each race you learn too much about you, your team mates, your sports and this is so good because it's never boring...
JB: I Love adventure race because it's a team sport, you are during 5 days and night all together, you live some incredible story with them and all of that create some link between each other for ever. All this experience is so important if we want to be efficient and a very competitive team.
MH: Organic and vegetarian food,alternative energy sources,eco-building,archeology/history,alternative transport,sustainable living,....
PV: Right now it's playing with my son!

What makes you happy?

MF: Being outside and playing with our son Simon, training(outside) and of course racing! And not at least winning with races my team!
MG: to have a good breakfast with a huge fruits salad and just to see the sun. I can live without sun!!!
JB: I like to be alone in the dark middle of a wild country with just my team, you feel so free but so small at the same time ... but what makes me also happy during a race it's the good food we have found in the country and we test during the race, and for sure when we arrive in a village, after 30h trekking or biking middle of nowhere, and the local shop or bakery is open ... we could spend too much money but when we are in the shop it's like paradise : meat pie, croissant, cheese, fruit, sparkling water, sausages .... indescribable
MH: I am happy when things "flow". I love being healthy and that makes me happy. Being able to see beauty in things and beings is a great gift which also makes me happy.
PV: Spending time with my family and being out in the nature