Thule Crew | Jenny Rissveds

Jenny Rissveds

Mountain biker

Age: 19

Nationality: Swedish

Family: Mum, dad and a two years older brother.

Sports: Mountainbike

Best place on earth: Karpathos, the Alps and home.


What elements of the nature do you work with/use/profit from in your sport?

The ground is the driving force in mountainbike. To get to the top spot of the podium you have to do everything right. You need to get in to a fast pace right from the start. Pump every rock and root perfect, which can be difficult if Mother Nature has decided it will rain and make the track slippery. To take the right line choices is important for keeping the speed . When all the pieces are falling into place and I cross the finish line as number one, when I now I have done a perfect race and been given it a 100%, is what keeps me going.

Most awesome adventure of your life, so far..?

The whole season 2013 has been an adventure.

Most epic sport experience of your life, so far..?

When I was 17 years old I won the World Cup XCE race in La Bresse in the elite category. That was pretty cool.

Other interests besides your sport?

Shopping, cars and music.

What makes you happy?

Sunny days with people I love.